Security Systems

H&H Electric and Security installs GE Interlogix and DSC Atlanta security systems. We can customize a system for you or we can install the basic system. Your new home will be pre-wired for security according to the National Burglar, Fire Alarm Association and Georgia Low-Voltage codes. All American Monitoring is our monitoring company; they have a UL rated central station. There are many options for your security system such as:

  • Smoke and heat detectors
  • Regular or pet motion detectors
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors
  • Additional keypads
  • Remote key fobs
  • Exterior or attic sirens
  • Strobe lights
  • CCTV- Closed Circuit Television
  • Hearing impaired devices
  • Panic buttons
  • Cellular backup for phone outages

DSC Security Product Lines

We proudly use DSC (Digital Security Controls) product lines to ensure the safety of every customer. They specialize in the following products:

  • Control Panels
  • Wireless Panels
  • IP alarm monitoring products
  • Keypads

GE Interlogix Security Product Lines

In addition to using DSC, we also offer additional installations for GE Interlogix! GE Interlogix specializes in product lines for both residential and commericial use. They offer the following product lines:

  • Video
  • Transmission
  • Fire & Access
  • Applications covering intrusion

While we do specialize in installing both GE Interlogix and DSC security systems, we also work with a variety of other brands with troubleshooting. For more information on the installation of your Atlanta security system, contact our security specialists today!

While the name may make you think is a typical security system, it is so much more than that. It is ultimately an automation system for your home. This includes:

  • Thermostat control
  • Indoor/outdoor cameras
  • Remote door locks
  • Security system
  • Light switch and TV control

You can control all of the above systems all from your phone. Whether you’re in your home or states away, you can control light switches, the thermostat, and even your door locks!

While all of these options seem like they’re only a convenience, they can also be great for extra security while you’re out of town. Set your indoor and floodlights to flip on and off periodically to make it appear as if you’re home. If you’re looking for a system that has security and home automation wrapped in one – this is your best option. We’re proud to be an dealer!

Ring and Nest

If you’re not looking for a full-throttle security system, either Ring or Nest would be an excellent option for you. They both have indoor and outdoor cameras for security purposes and allow easy access to the video footage through apps on the end user’s phone. This app even allows you to speak to people in close to proximity to the camera itself. This can be helpful for deliveries, possible intruders, or just to communicate with visitors. Which one should you choose? It depends on if you have any systems already set up in your home. Ring is compatible with Amazon Alexa, whereas Nest is compatible with Google Home.

Intercom Systems

At your request, H&H Electric and Security will pre-wire and trim out your home for a state of the art intercom system. In today’s larger homes, an intercom system can make it easier to communicate with a family member who may be on the other end of the house, in the basement, or outside at the pool. It can even act as a monitor to check the children in the playroom or visitors coming in. Our standard package for intercom systems includes:

  • Master intercom
  • 5 interior room stations
  • 2 exterior door stations with chime
  • CD or tape players are available
  • Additional stations can be added

For additional information on installing your new intercom system for your home, contact us today! Feel free to also review our additional services for all of your home’s needs!

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