Electrical Problems

When problems arise with electricity, it is vital to have the issue addressed IMMEDIATELY by a professional. There are many dangers that can occur if the problem is NOT addressed appropriately. At H&H Electric and Security, we specialize in making sure your home is not only protected by proper installation and use of the best products in the industry, but we are also always available for your electrical emergencies. Here are a few of the most common electrical problems most homeowners find over the years.


You can think of your home’s electrical panels as the home’s “nerve center”. The electrical panel is used to distribute electrical currents to a majority of the circuits within your home. The panel consists of areas specifically used to house different types of circuit breakers. These circuit breakers each have a role to play within your home. They come in many shapes and sizes. In addition to properly distributing electrical currents to their proper destinations within your home, circuit breaks also control the amount of current that flows through each circuit. This helps to prevent circuit overload, ground faults, and arc faults. These panels also provide manual disconnection methods for your Atlanta electrician’s protection during the duration of working on a circuit issue. Because of the importance your electric panel holds within your home, it is important to contact your Atlanta electrician if you notice a problem occurring. Learn Why You Should Conduct an Electrical Panel Inspection

Below are the most common problems found:

  • Corrosion
  • No clamps
  • Open knockouts
  • Double taps
  • Over sized breakers or fuses
  • Improper bonding
  • Improper hardware
  • Bad panel types
  • Bad or missing handle ties
  • Wires not cut back

If you suspect possible damage to your electrical panel, contact your Atlanta electrician immediately to prevent further damage or electrical dangers.

At H&H Electric, we specialize in installing and replacing electrical receptacle outlets throughout your home for proper use and safety.

Receptacles are commonly known as electrical outlets. A receptacle outlet consists of one or more receptacles installed. They are common in most modern homes. The duplex receptacle outlet is the most common used today. It consists of two identical outlets, which are usually stacked on top of the other.

Within one home, there are dozens of receptacles and most of them are groups into outlets. The most common uses a 120 volt and includes three holes. One rectangular hole conducts the electricity through the plug into the device that is being powered, while the other rectangular hole is neutral. The two holes are placed together in a parallel formation and includes a third hole, which grounds the device. After installation, they are then covered with a plastic wall cover for aesthetic appeal and so that the metal and wires are not exposed to members of the household.

In most cases, you will not experience problems with an electrical outlet, but they are one of the many small things within your home that you don’t spend too much time checking or thinking about. Therefore, when a problem does arise, they can either be simple or very frustrating, especially if you aren’t aware of what to look for. Check out our blog, Are Your Outlets Safe? Calling your Atlanta Electrician when a problem surfaces can save you this frustration and also protect you from electrical dangers and fire hazards.

Problems that can occur with receptacles:

  • Water and moisture within outlets
  • Crisscrossed wiring
  • Outlet and circuit overloading

CAUTION: Never remove the cover to allow exposed wiring. In addition, never insert anything, except the proper 120 volt plug into a receptacle- without first turning off the power control to prevent electrical shock- which can lead to heart attacks or even death.

Always contact your Atlanta electrician if a problem occurs or a receptacle needs to be replaced!

Electric shock is not only dangerous, but can also be deadly. At H&H Electric, we specialize in the installation of GFI circuits, which are electrical outlets that are designed to protect you from deadly electric shock. While they are primarily used to aid in the prevention of electrocution, they also reduce the risk of house fires commonly caused by electrical problems- which helps to reduce damages to appliances that are caused by faulty electrical outlets. For additional information on the installation of your GFI circuits within your home, contact your H&H specialist today for details.

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