How to Support Your Community in Uncertain Times

The last few months have been challenging for people and businesses all over the country. We went from living life in the fast lane, to being forced to slow down, work from home, and adjust to a new way of life. It's likely that our lives won't fully return to normal, but one thing stays the same – our local businesses need our help to stay afloat. 

With so many people stuck in their homes, many of you probably had a chance to catch up on some cleaning and home improvement projects. There might have been tasks you have been wanting to accomplish for years, while other projects popped up as the weeks went by. Either way, you found yourself with some extra home improvement tasks and while some are suitable DIY projects, others require the help of professionals. Here are some things to keep in mind as you look for a home improvement contractor.

Shop Local

Typically, when you hear "shop local" you think about a farmer's market with local produce, but "shopping local" can also mean looking for locally owned home improvement contractors. Many small businesses have been struggling the last couple of months, and now they need our help to get back on their feet. A national chain may be cheaper, but the quality often doesn't compare to that of a local contractor. It may be more expensive, but you will likely receive quality service while supporting your community.

Quality Service is better than Cheap Service

We all must make decisions every day regarding how we spend our money. Getting the best product or service at the lowest price can be difficult. This creates a fine line that many homeowners have to walk because more times than not the cheapest routes are accompanied by risks that have to be evaluated before a decision can be made.

The best advice I can give homeowners is to do your homework. Plenty of websites offer reviews on contractors. We highly recommend you reference these before making a decision. Furthermore, word of mouth is a very valuable tool. Chances are, you know someone who has used a particular company, so ask about the level of service they received. A simple Facebook post asking for suggestions or reviews can give you plenty of information plus you'll likely get recommendations for local companies! 

Compliments are Free

Most of us can relate to having a bad experience at some point with either customer service or in the quality of a particular product. Most of us have even called, emailed, or shared via social networking to complain about a bad experience. However, ask yourself this: When was the last time you complimented a company or employee about excellent customer service or your satisfaction with the product you purchased? The next time you experience good customer service from a helpful and friendly associate or are especially pleased with a product or service you purchased, take time to compliment the employee or company. You may be surprised as to how appreciated it is to be complimented and encouraged during a time that feels anything but encouraging.

If you're looking for some awesome contractors, we highly recommend D'Vine Renovations out of Woodstock or Hall Design Build out of Atlanta!

In these times of uncertainty, you may also be looking for Yoga and Meditation. We highly recommend Seva-Yoga in Ball Ground. 

Your local businesses need you – show up for them! 

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