Benefits of Trusting a Professional for Security System Installation

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to call up a company or go online and receive a box containing the various bits and pieces that make up a security system within a few days. These do-it-yourself systems put the power of installation into the hands of the consumer, but those systems do not necessarily share the benefits of one installed by a professional who is licensed in Georgia.

Finding a Complete Solution 

When installing a do-it-yourself security system, the immediate components can be obvious. You need a base station to receive reports from security nodes, a keypad to secure entryways, and sensors on potential points of ingress that trigger that alarm. However, those are not the only components that go into establishing a robust home security network. Monitoring, surveillance, and the way that those things are implemented are all extremely important parts of making a security system work efficiently.

The Strategy of Security

Your security system installation technician will have the experience and skill to hide surveillance equipment such as cameras in a way that they cannot be easily identified and avoided. After assessing the layout of your property, they will be able to make suggestions for tools and techniques that will keep your property well-lit, well-secured, and thoroughly protected. Potential intruders will identify homes that appear to be relatively low-risk, and a robust security system, free of perceived blind spots will make a home less attractive to potential intruders.

Improve Safety through Integration

Keeping a home safe is not only about thwarting burglars. Modern security systems can be integrated into the other detection systems your home utilizes, such as smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, to provide peace of mind against a variety of potential dangers. By making your home safety infrastructure "smart," it's possible to connect smoke detectors to HVAC systems, preventing the spread of smoke through a home in the event of a fire. Some systems can also help you save on electricity by automatically turning off specific home systems, such as your air conditioning, when nobody is home.

Customization through Guidance

Many of the do-it-yourself security systems on the market are targeted toward the lowest-common-denominator of homes in order to make those kits affordable. The downside to this saved expense, however, is that consumers end up with a product that does not meet all their specific security needs and expanding the capabilities of the DIY system can often lead to much higher costs in the long run. A professional can identify your home's specific needs and provide you with a plan and a quote tailored to your requirements.

Installing with H&H Electric & Security LLC

Here at H&H, we are able to install a wide variety of systems, including GE Interlogix, DSC Atlanta,, Ring, and nest systems! We can also pre-wire and trim out your home in preparation for intercom systems. For more information, take a look at our Security Systems page, or contact us today!  

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