More Technology Upgrades

We are in an era where most people want results from their smart phone instantaneously. We are accustomed to getting real time updates and information with a few swipes on a phone. Smart phones can even control your lights, thermostats, home entertainment, and security systems in your home with just a few upgrades.

Generac Generators introduced the next line of mobile solutions called Mobile Link. Generac is a leading manufacturer of standby and portable generators among other small engine products. You can add the Mobile Link feature to a standby generator at a relatively low cost giving you instant feedback and status of your generator. Standby generators are connected to your home at all times and automatically turn on when the power goes out allowing you to never lose power. Mobile Link uses cellular technology allowing the monitor to communicate with the owners, dealer, and service company, even during a power outage. Products that operate with Wi-Fi and Ethernet technology must have an uninterruptible power supply. This means that if you are on vacation and you see that there could be potential power outages near your home you can open the Mobile Link App and confirm that your generator is operating correctly to ensure that all of your belongings are safe. Your security system would receive power from the generator and your refrigerator is still cooling your food. Mobile Link also can be set up with alerts that relay information to the owner and the service company so that common problems, such as low oil or battery replacement, can be proactively prevented.

I highly recommend checking out standby generator with Mobile Link for your home. It will give you peace of mind to know that your home and belongings are safe during a power outage. Winter can bring heavy ice storms to our area resulting in power outages. It is never too early to start getting prepared. 

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