How to Prepare for Fall: Electrical Edition

Slowly but surely, you'll notice that the days are getting shorter, leaves are turning vibrant, beautiful colors, and the air is getting crisper. It's a season that many look forward to after a hot Georgia summer- and we can't blame you! Something is exciting about seasons changing, adding a new hum of excitement for all that's coming and all that we're leaving behind. Due to the excitement, many start to decorate for the fall season, and with that comes some other to-dos to add to your list to make sure you're ready for fall as it relates to your electric safety and heat bill. While you're breaking out the fall-scented candles and seasonal décor, don't forget to make time for these tasks! 

1.Check/Store All Summer Equipment

There are many electrical items that are used during the summer that you likely won't need to utilize during the fall and winter. Some of these include lawnmowers, trimmers, extension cords, and more. If you think you may still use the equipment, check it for damage and store it in an accessible place. If you know you won't be using the appliance or equipment for the next few months, make sure it's properly inspected and prepared for inactivity. If anything is damaged, make sure it's disposed of, so you don't use it when warmer seasons come back around. 

2. Sweep Leaves 

Leaves aren't falling at a high rate yet, but it's important to go ahead and get into the habit of keeping dead leaves away from outdoor power outlets. If they build up around your outlets, they become a fire hazard. So, whenever you're outside, give the leaves around your outlets a quick sweep so that you eliminate as many fire hazards as possible. 

3. Brush Up on Electric Blanket Safety 

When it starts getting colder, you may be tempted to add your electric blanket to your bed. Before you do so, we recommend brushing up on electric blanket safety tips. Just a few of these include:
  • Avoid falling asleep with the blanket on
  • Roll the blanket (don't fold) to avoid cord damage
  • Bypass threading the cord through mattresses
  • Never wash
  • Keep pets away 

If you still have the manual that came with the electric blanket, take a look through it and research any other safety tips. 

4. Swap Bedding Out

If an electric blanket isn't enough, you can always swap out your bedding for flannel sheets and a thicker comforter. By doing this, you can keep yourself warm at night without having to excessively run the heat. You're warm, and your electric bill is low – what else could you ask for? 

5. Prepare Generator for Storms 

You never know what kind of storms we're going to get in Georgia through the fall and winter. It could just be thunderstorms, or it could be an ice storm that shuts off the power! Make sure your generator is in good working conditioning if you have one, and if you don't, it might be time to consider investing in one. You can learn more about Generac Generators here.

Happy Fall! 

We're so close to fall, and we hope you're as excited as we are. We hope these tips help you feel ready for the cooler weather. If you come across any electrical issues while preparing for fall, please click the button below to contact us at H&H Electric! 

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