How to Safely Check on the Home Electrical System

Whether you're a new homeowner or have been in your home for decades, performing routine safety checks on your home's electrical system is key to keeping your property and family safe. Electrical problems cause nearly thousands of injuries and deaths each year, on top of up to $1.3 billion in property damage. Following this brief home checklist is one of the first steps in creating a safe electrical system in your home.

Quick Safety Checklist

While it is always best to consult a qualified electrician for any changes or concerns regarding your homes electrical system, here are just a few quick things you can check yourself to ensure safety and efficiency for your home.

1. Check Your Cords

All around the home we use various types of cords to meet our daily needs, from extension cords, to surge protectors, to appliance cords, these are all ways we make ends meet to power our devices. Check your cords at home for frayed or exposed wiring. Many homeowners resort to using power strips that double as surge protectors to keep their devices and appliances safe.

2. Check Your Lightbulb Wattage

Our homes are full of different light fixtures that help brighten up our rooms all throughout the day, but did you know having the wrong bulb for your different fixtures can lead to electrical problems? Using bulbs that are a higher wattage than what is recommended can lead to overheating, and even fire. Checking the bulb wattage and the recommended fixture wattage from the manufacturer can keep your home safely and properly lit.

3. Countertop Appliances

Whether it's that new air fryer or your favorite toaster oven, our kitchens are full of small appliances that need to be regularly checked to prevent disaster. Make sure that each small device, like a toaster or high-powered blender, is unplugged when not being used. Be sure that when plugged in and in use, these cords are far away from water sources, like the sink, and heat sources like the stovetop or oven.

4. Outlets & Switches

Having broken or uncovered outlets and switches that are too loose can be the leading sign that wiring or outlets themselves need to be replaced. When children are present in your home, make sure to keep all outlets covered with safety covers, and check to make sure ones you already have installed are not damaged. If you have any outlets or switches that are hot to the touch or fit loosely, contact your professional Atlanta electrician today for assistance.

Schedule Your Inspection

While checking these items in your home regularly is a great practice, having a qualified and trusted electrician preform installations and inspections is key to having a safe and efficient home. H&H Electric specializes in making sure your home's electrical system is set up safely and efficiently, but we are also there in case of an emergency, so contact us today!

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