Holiday Edition: 5 Ways to Save on Your Electric Bill


Happy Holidays! The buzz of this season likely keeps your excitement and electric bill high. Family members are coming to town, Christmas lights are being hung, and your heat is probably working double-time to keep your home cozy. We know that you certainly don't want to sacrifice your heat or your Christmas lights – but what can you do to save money? We know you rather spend that money on gifts for loved ones, so keep reading to learn 5 ways to save money on electricity!

1. Timers  

Timers are great during this season for more than one reason. They're a must-have when you're going to be on the road visiting family. Instead of leaving a few lights on in the house to make it appear as if someone is there – just use a timer to maintain the appearance that you're still at home! You can also put your Christmas lights on a timer, so you don't have to remember to turn them on and off. This is great if you're a forgetful person but is also an excellent idea to make sure you're not using electricity when you don't need to be.

2. LED lights 

LED lights have become quite popular, and there's a reason why! LED lighting produces a brighter light while using less power. When decorating your Christmas tree, we highly recommend using LED lights to reduce your electric bill. As a bonus, they also emit less heat, which lowers the chance of your Christmas tree catching on fire! No one wants a burnt tree or a burnt home. 

3. Keep door Closed 

If you frequently have family gatherings at your house, you know there's a good chance someone will leave the door open – no matter how many times you close it! This lets the cold air in, which consequently makes the heat turn on. If this happens every time you have guests during the holiday season, it looks like you might just have to pay a higher electric bill so be diligent and remind your house guests to completely close the door behind them.

4. Lower the heat 

It's easy to flip the heat on during the winter without a second thought about the consequences but running your heat too high will result in quite the electric bill! You might want to consider keeping the temperature a little bit lower and bundling up. Or better yet – if you have a fireplace, make yourself a fire and some s'mores while you're at it! Just don't forget to close the damper once you're done or else all of that warmth your fire created will escape and you'll be back to square one. 

5. Cover drafty windows or outlets 

Windows and outlets let out a surprising amount of heat, which will leave you either shivering or running up your electric bill. We recommend that you either use a heavy-duty, clear plastic sheet or install drapes that will help block the cold air. It's also recommended to put pre-made foam gaskets into your outlets – just be sure to turn off the power from your circuit breaker box before inserting them into the outlet.

With the hustle and bustle of the season, we hope these quick and easy tips will help lower your electric bill this month. If you run into any electrical issues, don't forget that H&H Electric is here for you whether it be for a whole-house surge protector, ceiling fans, or other electrical problems

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