6 Most Dangerous Electrical Hazards

Electricity is a force to be reckoned with and its limits shouldn't be tested. For that very reason, it's important to have a trained professional fix your home's electrical issues to avoid any unnecessary accidents. While it's partially up to your electrician to keep your family safe, some rules should be put in place so your family can avoid any run-ins with electricity. Check out these 6 frequent hazards you should look out for and discuss with your family! 

1. Bad or Defective Wiring 

It's up to whoever wired your home to get this one right. When your home is wired incorrectly, it can pose a big threat as it could cause an electrical fire, power surges, or other unwanted consequences. Click here for more information on how to spot electrical hazards caused by defective wiring. 

2. Outlets Close to Water 

Check the outlets in your kitchen and bathroom, making sure they're not too close to the faucet. If you find that your outlet is within a few inches of your faucet, this is a hazard as the water could easily splash into the outlet causing it to spark and create other safety issues. Pro-tip: ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) are great for cutting off the power supply if water is detected. 

3. Water on Electrical Fires 

If there is an electrical fire, absolutely do not pour water over it! Instead of extinguishing the fire, it will perpetuate it and will electrocute the person putting water on the fire. Since water conducts electricity, a fire extinguisher or baking soda should be used to put out an electrical fire. 

4. Wet Hands 

Have you caught on to the theme so far? Water and electricity don't go well together! All too often, you might find yourself getting out of the shower or washing your hands and then reaching for the hairdryer with wet hands. This is very dangerous and should be avoided. Simply dry off your hands and then reach for the hairdryer. 

5. Open Electrical Outlets 

If you have young children, it's very important that you cover your outlets. Curious little ones can get to an outlet and stick fingers or other objects in them before you even know they left your side. There are many options for outlet covers that will help you keep your family safe. Click here to view an option for outlet covers on Amazon. 

6. Overloaded Power Strips

You have just one more thing to plug into a power strip – surely it will be fine, right? Wrong! Take a moment to consider what's already plugged into the power strip. If you already have several large appliances plugged into this one source, trying to plug just one more appliance in may actually be more harm than good. If a power strip is overloaded, it can cause a fire, so be very aware of what's plugged into a single power strip. 

Stay Safe! 

We want your family to be happy and healthy. It's always a good idea to periodically evaluate your home and share with your family the importance of electrical safety. Be alert, be intentional, and if you're ever unsure about how safe something is, look it up! 

If you have any major concerns about your home's wiring or other electrical issues, please give us a call so we can get it checked out as soon as possible!

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